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FINRA Releases Life Settlement Guide for Consumers and Highlights Using a Life Settlement Broker

Updated: Sep 2, 2023

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FINRA released a life settlement guide for consumers, per a new article from Think Advisor.

In it,

  • FINRA cites the difficulty of getting a fair price as a life settlement risk factor.

  • It encourages investors to get help from licensed life settlement brokers and their own investment professionals. The best way to get a fair price is to "shop around".

  • It also acknowledges that selling policies may make sense.

Here is the full Think Advisor article: FINRA Posts Life Settlement Guide for Consumers

Here is the FINRA Consumer Guide: What You Should Know About Life Settlements

FINRA highlights using a life settlements broker, who will shop a client's policy around. Indeed, as a life settlements broker, our fiduciary duty is to clients to obtain the highest amount of money for a policy.

There are no "comps" in the life settlements market, as there are in real estate. If clients contact buyers directly, they may wind up underselling their policy. Life settlements brokers introduce competition into the market for a client's policy, thus driving up the sale price for the client.

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