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Rehburg Life Insurance Settlements, Life Settlement Broker, Sell Your Life Insurance Policy, Unwanted Unneeded Life Insurance Policies, Life Insurance Policy, Life Settlement, Lisa Rehburg Broker

Life Insurance Settlements

Lisa Rehburg, Broker

Rehburg Life Insurance Settlements, Life Settlement Broker, Sell Your Life Insurance Policy, Unwanted Unneeded Life Insurance Policies, Life Insurance Policy, Life Settlement, Lisa Rehburg Broker

We are passionate about taking care of our clients and referral partners!

Financial Advisor

Brandon L.

Lisa did an outstanding job with helping my client out with a life insurance policy that they no longer needed. She made the process very simple to understand and always kept me and my clients in the loop through every step of the process. We were thrilled with the results that Lisa helped deliver and I would highly recommend her services to many other advisors and clients.


George F.

I am a recent client of Lisa Rehburg of Life Insurance Settlements whereby we were able to get a very nice settlement on my life insurance policy.  Lisa never let up during the time it took to bring the settlement to fruition.  Her greatest asset is her recognition of how valuable follow up is to accomplishing the goal.  I never felt I was neglected or forgotten in  the process.  On the contrary, Lisa was on top of the job beginning to end and succeeded in getting the best settlement available.  I highly recommend her and am confident she will continue to achieve her goal in getting the best settlement in the shortest time.


Mark F.

As accountants, lawyers and consultants, we need to  help our clients in all kind of ways ... working with unique advisors is one of them.  Lisa Rehburg is one of those exceptional advisors with important experience and expertise.  She was helpful with me as we worked with several of my clients--it was amazing.  Looking into life insurance and what it can do to help was a critical component of our successes.

Financial Advisor

Glenn Y.

I would recommend Lisa Rehburg to anyone who values their time. She answered all my questions on a timely basis. Always gave me realistic expectations involving my case. Finally, Lisa helped me get through the volumes of pages that my client needed to sign/notarize.


Rich G.

Lisa Rehburg was very professional and easy to work with. She simplified the process and provided excellent follow up at every step resulting in a good and timely outcome. I would highly recommend utilizing her services!

Insurance Professional

Vick K.

The naturally lengthy process was made worry-free due to Ms. Rehburg's persistent and effective communications as to the status of the process.  She's very professional and easy to work with.  I look forward to working on future cases together.


Mark F.

I was very impressed how professional Lisa Rehburg at Life Settlements handled my life insurance conversion settlement.  She was very attentive, explained the entire process for me and kept me in the loop thru the entire process.


Judge W. (Ret.)

Lisa was referred to me by my insurance agent during our pursuit of selling or otherwise converting our life insurance policy we've had for years, into a more feasible estate item for us.  Although our agent and I discussed several options, none of them were that desirable and then along came Lisa with several proposals, culminating in one that was very satisfactory to us with respect to said policy.

We found Lisa to be extremely knowledgeable, attentive, responsive, courteous, professional and I could go on and on with numerous more complimentary remarks regarding Lisa’a assistance.  However, in short, she was beyond great, notwithstanding my logistical complications in getting through the mountain of detailed and bureaucratic documents required by the buyer.

And, here we are, the deal, thanks to Lisa, is completed and we are very satisfied clients.  She is, indeed, a compliment to her company and the industry she serves.

Insurance Professional

Ted F.

This was my first experience of working with Lisa and it was a fantastic experience. She was unbelivable to work with!  She was on top of the situation at every move. I never had to worry about what was going on. I would love to do business with her again. I would certainly recommend Lisa to anyone who might need a Life Settlement proposal.

Financial Professional

Ben R.

I am thrilled to wholeheartedly recommend Lisa to anyone considering a Life Settlement. Throughout our collaboration, Lisa consistently demonstrated remarkable dedication and clear communication. Whether it's addressing urgent matters or simply providing updates, she consistently exceeds expectations with her promptness. Her professionalism, combined with compassion, made this complex situation easy to navigate. It has been a privilege to work with her, and I look forward to working with her again.


Arthur W.

When my largest life insurance policy ran out of cash value to pay the exorbitant premiums and I was ready to drop the policy, Lisa provided a profitable solution. She stuck with the process through many low offers and worked hard to get me to an acceptable offer. She is skilled as well as a pleasure to work with. I give her my highest recommendation.

Financial Advisor

Barry E.

Letter of recommendation written to the President of an Estate Planning Council:

I want to thank you and the council for your introduction to Lisa Rehburg of Rehburg Life Settlements.  Because of your introduction and Lisa's presentation, I was persuaded to engage Lisa for the sale of a $10MM Death Benefit term-policy on the life of a client of mine.

My partner and I had all but given up any hope of finding an appropriate buyer prepared to offer a reasonable price for the contract and convert the existing term contract to a new Universal Life contract, in a timely manner.  The client was only age 62 when his contract was offered for sale and the premiums for the new converted contract were about $300K a year.

When I approached Lisa, we had a standing offer, but it was less than the client wanted and the buyer did not plan to convert the term insurance to a permanent contract any time soon, if ever, as the buyer wanted to continue paying the term insurance premiums on a wait and see basis. My partner, the insurance broker, was not happy with the thought that a buyer would only convert the term policy if the insured’s health took a turn for the worse.  Lisa went to work and secured an excellent and unexpected offer that pleased the insured, and the buyer agreed to convert the term policy to a permanent insurance contract immediately.

The sale of an insurance contract can be an arduous process requiring considerable time and paperwork and this case was no exception. Lisa managed everyone’s expectations with the highest degree of professionalism.

Thanks to Lisa, I look like a hero in the eyes of my client, and my partner, the insurance broker. This is a very substantial case that would not have materialized without Lisa.  I rarely make recommendations because of the inherent risk of regretting it.  Not the case with Lisa.  I suggest you have her back to speak again as she can reinforce the benefits of the sale of unneeded insurance contracts and make other members of the council look like the hero I am.

Financial Professional

Mike E.

The fact that I had a client that was going to terminate his life policy after 3 yrs and receive no money, due to the surrender charges, but now he is able to get an offer of $150,000 and receive all of his past premiums back is remarkable. Lisa guided me and kept us patient to achieve the best possible offer. Her acumen and persistency paid off and we have a very happy client.

Insurance Professional

Hans T.

It has been a pleasure working with Lisa. She was exceptional throughout the entire process, making sure everything was completed in a timely manner. If you have a client looking to discontinue his or her life insurance, I would highly recommend you speak with Lisa and see what options are available to your client.

Insurance Professional

Larry K.

Lisa helped me obtain a higher offer for a client, after I obtained an offer directly from a buyer. She is responsive and kept me informed every step of the way. The process went smoothly (primarily because of her), even though there was a tight deadline, and my client is super happy with the results. I will contact Lisa solely each and every time I have a client that wants to sell their life insurance policy. I know she will get the best results for my client and for me. She is very knowledgeable, extremely professional and quite likeable.

Insurance Professional

Shane C.

This was my first time working through a life insurance settlement and Lisa was extremely helpful as well as responsive during the whole process. She always seemed to have an answer to any question that I had and even jumped on a conference call with the client to walk them through their questions so that we did not have to play phone tag. I will be working with Lisa in the future for all life settlement opportunities that we come across.

Insurance Professional

Kim B.

Lisa, thank you so much for your guidance and professionalism in closing my first life settlement case! This was a complex situation and you made it so clear for myself and my clients! I would highly recommend you and the valuable service you provide!


Tom W.

Lisa, the check arrived and I deposited it today. In all my many hours of analysing, there is one huge thing that I completely overlooked: it was the many hours I was spending. Every month for the past 5 years, I had to make a decision about paying the premium. I don't have to do that anymore. I can spend time on other things. And thanks for your kind gift basket. My wife has already made good use of some of it. You worked hard and helped me considerably.


Chuck M.

Lisa guided us through a complex process that we knew little about before contacting Rehburg Life Settlements. Great communicator - always available for questions.

Financial Advisor & Client

Craig L.

I want to thank you so much for your help throughout the entire process. I really appreciate it. You made it relatively easy and straightforward, and I will recommend you to other advisors.

Insurance Professional & Client

Michael L.

Lisa Rehburg is an outstanding Life Settlements business. She is very knowledgeable and enjoyable to work with. She is prompt, courteous and follows up with you every step of the way. Her thank you gift from Harry & David was a tasty way to remember the great service she provided.

Insurance Professional

Anna G.

Although I knew just enough about life settlements to be dangerous, working with you on my very first case made me look like a pro! You walked with my client and me every step of the way, guiding, directing, and advising. Each time we had a question or concern, you had the answer and were completely unflappable. Your knowledge, professionalism and expertise gave us the assurance we needed to commit to the process and follow it through to a highly successful end. My client couldn't be more amazed and appreciative of the settlement she received on a policy she was just about to cancel. These funds have made it possible for her to concentrate on her health and not worry about finances and have made ALL the difference in her quality of life during this challenging time.

Insurance Professional

Randy D.

Lisa has an extenstive network of investors she works with so she can shop the best payout for our, her ongoing communication/updates from the initial application to sending out the check was excellent and enabled me to keep my clients informed during the whole process. I strongly recommend Lisa for these types of complicated transations...she is a real "PRO"!


Ilene H.

I can honestly say you were a pleasure to work with and extremely helpful. Your frequent communication to keep me abreast of the progress was top notch and I am relieved to be free of the annual burden of a high premium. Thank you for being both caring and professional.


Jeff R.

I just wanted to take a few moments to say thank you. We received our funds today. Thank you for all your due diligence and keeping us informed every step of the way in this lengthy process. Your customer service is over the top and it is obvious it's because you actually care and like helping people. As a brain cancer patient this settlement will help me set my wife up and that's a peace of mind you can't put a price on. Again thank you. If I can refer anyone to you I will.

Insurance Professional

Stacey G.

I have had the pleasure of working with Lisa on a life settlement case that was difficult to sell. She kept me informed every step of the way so I was able to keep the client in the loop and in the end we all had a happy experience. She is fantastic at managing expectations which pays off in the life settlement space.

Insurance Professional

Steven K.

I have been in the insurance business for 38 years. Very rarely do you work with a professional like Lisa Rehburg. Lisa makes sure that her clients are completely informed and satisfied. Lisa is #1 in my book.

Insurance Professional

Joe P.

Life Insurance settlements are an extremely important option for some of my clients. But it takes a lot of knowledge, experience and fortitude to obtain the best outcome. I feel extremely grateful that I have Lisa Rehburg available to assist me with this. I feel totally confident that I'm doing the very best for my clients and she is really great to work with!

Insurance Professional

Roy M.

Lisa, you are the most professional, thoughtful and caring person I have had the pleasure to work with in my over 50+ years in the insurance industry. You make clients and agents you work with feel well at ease and they realize you are taking their best interest to heart. You are the BEST!


Rick J.

Lisa Rehburg was the only Life Settlement Broker that would work with me in finding a buyer for my Life Insurance Policy. All the other Life Settlement Brokers and Companies I contacted said my Policy of $400,000 was too small or the Insureds Life Expectancy was too long and would not be worth their time to pursue a buyer on my behalf. Lisa from the beginning spent significant time and effort to assist me in finding a buyer for the policy which I am so grateful. 

Without her persistence I would still be paying a premium that has been increasing annually for the past 20 years to a point I could no longer afford and considered cancelling. Lisa found a buyer that not only took over the premium payments relieving me from that burden but paid me some cash up front with a retained benefit as a 50% beneficiary for a certain number of years to possibly share in a future payout on the policy. I highly recommend Lisa and will refer her to anyone I know that is looking to sell their Life Insurance Policy.

Insurance Professional

Ruben G.

Lisa introduced me to life settlements and guided me on my first case. I enjoy her professionalism, expansive knowledge and pleasant updates of the process. She pays great attention to the details and the welfare of the client. I really enjoy working with her !

Financial Advisor


You pulled a rabbit out of the hat on the DF case. I thought there was absolutely no way there would be an offer based on his LE. The client as well as myself were highly impressed. In the past I have used other companies on these settlement cases. Here on out I will be using only you.


Robin M.

I've never encountered a service professional in any line of work as informative, responsive, and helpful as Lisa Rehburg! 

From our first phone call when she took me through an overview of the process of selling our mother's life insurance policy, to checking back in when we were in the optimal window to do so, to the final closing of escrow and verification of money deposited into our account, Lisa was clear, on my side, and available if I had any questions or concerns. 

Lisa has my highest recommendation and respect for her work!

Financial Professional

Debora H.

Lisa Rehburg is the consummate professional. There is a definite need for individuals to be able to benefit financially from life insurance that is no longer needed, wanted or has simply come to the end of it's term. Lisa was able to provide an offer for my client, and then replace it, even when the buyer changed their mind. She kept us updated every step of the way and was just an absolute pleasure to work with. Expertise, professional grace and kindness is a rare commodity today, if you need help with life insurance for your clients, Lisa will get the job done while making you look like a hero!!


China F.

Working with Lisa Rehburg was an absolute joy. She is one of the most professional women I have ever met. Her insurance knowledge and follow through provided resources I had no idea, until I met her, were available. I sold an insurance policy through Lisa and could not have done this without her coaching and continued communication with always accurate information. Thank you Lisa.

Insurance Professional

Irv S.

I've been working with Lisa for several years and never encountered a more vigilant and detail oriented person in the business world. She always returns telephone calls, texts and emails promptly. She's always on top of things and gets the best offers for my clients.

Insurance Professional

Amy M.

I am very impressed by the professionalism I encountered working with Rehburg Life Settlements. Lisa was responsive, knowledgeable, and helpful every step of the way - a pleasure to work with!

Client - Referred by an Insurance Professional

Craig S.

Lisa you are a wonderful competent and caring professional... Your customer service is among the best of any services that I've used... I especially appreciate your prompt replies, user friendly processes, and positive friendly attitude... It has truly been a pleasure working with you... Take care and best always!

Insurance Professional

Bill D.

SERVICE THAT IS UNMATCHED! I wish I would have known about Lisa & her company years ago. That would have saved me time and headaches dealing with the other companies that I will not deal with ever again. I have never had the service that I received from her & her company. Lisa could open another business teaching other companies about keeping the client informed on every detail and without you even asking how things are progressing with the transaction. Lisa knows that the client that we both work for deserves the very best. And in my opinion Lisa Rehburg is the VERY BEST in her field.


Luci D.

I appreciated Lisa's friendly and competent help navigating the resettlement process with us. She was prompt and efficient, and especially good at keeping us informed and moving the process along. What can be a cumbersome process was definitely made easier.

Insurance Professionals

Stan and Marcia I.

Lisa Rehburg is an expert in the field of Life Settlements. We are in the senior insurance space and see Life Settlements as a valuable tool for seniors who need money for expenses or when premiums become unwieldy. We have spoken with other brokers and found that Lisa's knowledge, work ethic, and reliability put her as #1 in the area of senior financial specialties. 

Our attorney clients found the process for the Life Settlement to be fair and transparent. They were very pleased with the outcome. The premiums for their parent's life insurance policy was about to triple, so they decided to sell the policy and cash out as that was a better choice for their family. 

Lisa has an extensive network of investors she works with so she can shop the best payout for her clients. She also followed the transaction from inception to close and kept checking in with us and our clients to keep us informed during the whole process. We heartily recommend Lisa when you, a loved one, or a client needs cash for a life insurance policy for whatever purpose.

Client & Insurance Professional

Mike F.

I am an insurance agent and had an insurance policy on myself that I really thought I could not get much for. Lisa found a buyer for me. She was very professional and kept me constantly updated as to the progress of the sale. I highly recommend Lisa and plan on using her services for my existing clients where life settlements would be appropriate.

Client - Referred by her Financial Advisor

Juliet C.

Hi Lisa, thank you so much for helping us out with my husband's insurance policy. You and your team really did a very good job on this kind of situation even though the time frame was short, but you pushed it through with no problem. We were satisfied with the offer and we truly appreciate it so much. Thanks to you and your team, you are all so professional and efficient. I can highly recommend you and your company with no hesitation. Appreciate all of your help.

Insurance Professional

Safi W.

I am so glad that I connected with Lisa Rehburg at Rehburg Life Settlements. Working with this company enabled me to help my clients get compensation for two life policies that they no longer needed. I am happy to say that my client is very pleased with the outcome of her life insurance settlement. The best part of working with this company is how easy Lisa is to work with, and her customer service skills are impeccable. I would highly recommend working with Rehburg Life Settlements.

Insurance Professional

Kyle S.

I really appreciate your help with turning my client's unwanted life insurance policy into cash! He was going to let it lapse out because he didn't really need it, but the $30k he was able to get will help him fund his upcoming retirement plans, so he is a happy camper! You helped us every step of the way with clear instructions and what to expect, so that really helped with the overall transaction. Thanks again for the help Lisa!

Insurance Professional

David J.

I contacted Lisa to help sell one of my client's policies. I found her to be very responsive and knowledgeable. She obtained the highest offer for my client's policy. Her customer service is excellent and I highly recommend Rehburg Life Settlements.

Insurance Professional

Don M.

Who knew? I did not, but Lisa Rehburg does!! We had a brief conversation about a client who had a term life policy they could no longer afford - 5 months later after many many dead ends, Lisa secured a buyer for a partial life settlement, and our client converted part of the term to a cash value policy. Seriously a WIN WIN WIN she IS tenacious AND sooo fun. I appreciate you my friend. Please include my name, I will attest to your prowess.

Client & Insurance Professional

Ed C.

Lisa has been wonderful throughout this whole process. She expedited things when there were deadlines; and came through when I needed her the most!

Insurance Professional

Bill W.

Working with Lisa on these life settlements has been a real pleasure. Lisa is professional and very knowledgeable on all aspects of the process. She uses her experience and diligence to get the best outcome for all involved parties. I recommend her services to anyone that is seeking fair results in what can be a very delicate negotiating process.

Insurance Professional

Bill L.

I work with an older book of business and so many of my clients are either too old or too sick to do anything with their aging, underfunded Universal Life policies. Lisa at Rehburg Life Settlements has opened my eyes to a fresh new option for these clients that I otherwise would not have been able to help. Now my clients are able to pursue a policy cash-out option, which is a win / win proposition for my clients AND my agency. Thanks Lisa!

Client - Referred by his Insurance Agent

Al P.

I am so thankful I met Lisa Rehburg. I am 66 years old, and had a twenty year term life insurance policy that was about to expire. For twenty years I paid $70 per month. To continue with this policy I would have to pay $890 per month. Lisa told me I could sell the policy and get back some of my investment. Once I filled out the necessary paperwork, Lisa went into action. She was working day and night on my policy, not leaving any stone unturned. She would keep me informed as to the progress she was making. She presented me with an offer I was more than happy with. I can't thank Lisa enough for all her effort. She definitely helped this old man who depends solely on Social Security. If you have a policy that is about to expire, call Lisa, and let her help you. Thank you, Lisa, for your expertise and professionalism.

Insurance Professional

Jayne L.

We are continually grateful for our Strategic Partnership with Lisa and Rehburg Life Settlements. Lisa is a tremendous resource of information and guidance on everything pertaining Life Settlements, from where to start and what to ask, to finding the best offers for our advisors and clients. Lisa's pleasant professionalism, prompt responses, and stellar follow-ups results in more opportunities and cases closed. Thank you Lisa Rehburg for being our Life Settlement Master.

Client - Referred by his Insurance Agent

Joel D.

We used Lisa to sell our policy about a year ago. We investigated all methods of selling, including direct to Life Settlement Companies, and we could not be happier with the results that Lisa got for us. Because of her, we received at least 25K more than we thought we were going to get. She is a pleasure to work with and really cares about her clients.

Client - Referred by his Insurance Agent

Vernon L.

I had a sizable term life insurance policy that I no longer wanted or needed. I told my financial adviser I had seen a TV advertisement about selling a policy, and that I was considering selling mine. He introduced me to Lisa Rehburg at Rehburg Life Insurance Settlements. Lisa went to work immediately in a very dedicated and professional manner, keeping me informed every step of the way. Lisa was successful in finding an investor that paid me double the amount that I would have settled for on my own initiative. We have had several conversations since the sale, simply because she cares about her clients. I highly recommend Lisa to anyone desiring to sell their policy.

Client - Referred by her Financial Advisor

Donna P.

Lisa made the whole process so very easy for me. She walked me through it step by step making sure I understood everything. It was great to have her on my side from beginning to end.

Financial Advisor

Rick D.

I wanted to let as many people as possible know what it is like working with Lisa Rehburg. I have a client who had a $400,000 term policy that was getting close to the end of its term, and I mentioned to him that there may be a way for him to monetize some value from that policy. His initial reaction was how could that be since a term policy has no cash value. I then suggested that he speak with Lisa, who then described the process to him and realistically set his expectations. 

The client and I then discussed the potential benefits and he decided to move forward with Lisa. From that point on, Lisa and her team did all the work and they kept me, and my client updated throughout the entire process. I thought that if there was an offer, that the client may get a return of the premiums, he had paid over 20 years of approximately $20?,000. Well to my surprise, and that of my client, he was offered over $200,000. Once he accepted the offer there were forms to complete, which were prepared for my client, and he signed them with a notary and returned them. 

The entire process took about 10 weeks and was a great experience due to the constant communication by Lisa during every step of the process. I strongly suggest that you have Lisa and her team look at your situation and let her and her team work for you, or your clients.

Client - Referred by his Financial Advisor

Marc D.

My introduction to viatical settlements was made easy by Lisa's attention to detail and excellent communication skills. Lisa took care of everything and kept me informed every step of the way. She made a difficult process very easy, with great benefit to me and my family.

Insurance Professional

Bob M.

Lisa was extremely helpful during the entire process. She was in constant contact explaining the details of all the offers and in the end, my client was extremely happy with their life settlement. I will definitely use Lisa again with all of my future clients.

Financial Consultant

Brian C.

Financial and insurance advisors can trust Lisa to get the best price for their clients' policies. She makes it easy, is pleasant, professional and responds quickly. She works hard and diligently for clients, using her knowledge and expertise. Your clients will be well taken care of.

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