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Life Insurance Settlements

Lisa Rehburg, Broker

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Why Would Anyone Want to Sell a Life Insurance Policy?

Updated: Sep 2, 2023

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500,000 seniors a year will lapse their life insurance policies. They stop making the premium payments and walk away with nothing. Several million annually will surrender (or "cash out") their life insurance policies. Why? The short answer is that they no longer want the policy, no longer need the policy or can no longer afford it. Selling a policy can make more financial sense. On average, selling a life insurance policy generates 3 - 5 times cash surrender value. We just sold a universal life policy for a client that had no cash in it. She would have to put more money into the policy to keep it going, and it was too expensive to do so. Because there was no cash in the policy, she would have walked away with nothing. She received a check for $17,500 for selling it, and is thrilled. This is not a unique circumstance. We help clients every day sell their unwanted/unneeded/unaffordable policies. Any type of policy can be sold, including term policies. Before you or your client lapses or surrenders a life insurance policy, consider selling it. A life insurance settlement can bring substantially greater value. We're here to help.

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