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Life Insurance Settlements

Lisa Rehburg, Broker

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Life Insurance Settlements Market Future Looks Bright

Clouds with Sun Shining with The Future Looks Bright Words

Our #1 focus is to "do the right thing" for advisors and their clients. Period. As a life settlements broker, we are on "Team You" with a fiduciary duty to you and your client. As 2024 begins, adding life insurance settlements to your portfolio of products and services can make sense.

Although our responsibility is to your client, the buyers' perspective is important, because without them, we cannot help you or your clients. Here is a good article from one buying group (we call them "providers") with their perspective on the future of the life settlement market.

To recap, they indicate that the life insurance settlements market future looks bright, with steady growth and strong investor demand for the next 10 years. This is important, because strong investor demand translates into good offers for clients. This is one buyer's opinion, but we hear the same echoed from many other buyers as well.

To differentiate why talking to a life settlements broker is important, buyers do not have a fiduciary duty to clients to present their best offer. Brokers do. Brokers market a client's policy to many different providers, to obtain the most amount of money for a client's policy.

Do you have a client whose life insurance policy is no longer wanted, no longer needed or no longer affordable? Or, do you have a client who needs to find funding for long term care or retirement needs? Contact us - we're here to help.

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